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絵師: Shotei Takahashi

作品名: Returning woman in an autumn evening — Tasogare

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Returning from Work Artist Hiroaki Takahashi 1871-1945 Seal Shotei Dated ca. 1936 Period Shin hanga Publisher Watanabe Impression excellent ... printed on a thick soft pliable Japanese paper Colors excellent Condition very good ... a small red ink speck in the upper middle sky Rating 1 = excellent Description "Tasogare" A woman returns from field work in an autumn evening. Shotei made many remakes of the designs which had been destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake (Sept. 1923) in Watanabe's store. This is a post-earthquake version. Format Mitsugiri-ban Width 7.1 inches = 18.0 cm Height 15.4 inches = 39.0 cm


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