Tom Kristensen: Sea Monster - Kaiju Manga - No. 8 - Artelino

絵師: Tom Kristensen

作品名: Sea Monster - Kaiju Manga - No. 8

日付: 2007.

詳細と価格: Tom Kristensen: Sea Monster - Kaiju Manga - No. 8 - Artelino

情報源: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"The Umibozu" (It means, the sea monster). The folklores related to the sea are littered with nightmarish tales of sea monsters. The huge mysterious being suddenly emerges and snatches away helpless seamen or wrecks boats by its long tentacles, and drags them into the bottom of the deep ocean from which it came. "Umibozu" can be colossus (Kuniyoshi's famous sea monster in artelino archive #2158)or small (artelino archive #32349). Here, Mr. Kristensen's version is an awesome octopus. Its huge tentacles equipped with powerful suction cups will not allow anything to escape. The equally powerful "suction" must come from another "bozu". This one in the design is a Buddhism high-priest. We hope the enormous holding power from any religions in the world can cast positive meanings and salvation to the people and their environment.


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