Hirezaki Eiho: Stepmother - Artelino

絵師: Hirezaki Eiho

作品名: Stepmother

日付: Ca. 1900.

詳細と価格: Hirezaki Eiho: Stepmother - Artelino

情報源: artelino - Japanese Prints
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A book illustration (sashi-e) for the story, "Stepmother, Stepson" by Yanagawa which was published by Bungei Kurabu, a popular literary magazine in Meiji era. The story was a tear-jerking soap opera about the child custody battle between two mothers. The unfriendly description of the natural mother as a Westernized, rich, ego-maniac. The stepmother was depicted as a traditional, passive, helpless woman whom everone should sympathize with.


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