Hirezaki Eiho: Plum Beauty - Artelino

絵師: Hirezaki Eiho

作品名: Plum Beauty

日付: Originally 1914 , this edition ca. 1980.

詳細と価格: Hirezaki Eiho: Plum Beauty - Artelino

情報源: artelino - Japanese Prints
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"Plum Window" Geisha, Yonehachi. At a round window with plum blossoms. This elegant kuchi-e appeared in the Bungei Kurabu magazine in 1914. The largier, recarved edition by unknown publisher (edition size unknown either) was issued in 1980s reflecting its popularity. Eiho was a leading kuchi-e illustrator along with Kaburagi Kiyokata. His superb talent expressed his subjects with subtle feelings and the dramatic environments in most natural and elegant ways.


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