Katsukawa Shunrö: Actor Ichikawa Yaozö - ホノルル美術館

絵師: Katsukawa Shunrö

作品名: Actor Ichikawa Yaozö

日付: c. 1780 - 1794

詳細: 詳細情報...

情報源: ホノルル美術館
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Relatively few prints have survived from the earliest phase of Hokusai’s artistic career (1779-94), when he was known as Katsukawa Shunrö, after his master Katsukawa Shunshö (1726-92), who specialized in nigao yakusha-e (actor likeness prints). Hokusai’s prints from his Shunrö period tend to be conservative, and are heavily indebted to the style developed by his teacher, who was one of the early leaders in nishiki-e color printing. This print is typical of the Katsukawa School, with Ichikawa Yaozö shown in three-quarter view striking a bold pose (mie) at a key moment in a performance. “Hokusai’s Summit: Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” (09/24/2009-01/06/2010) ******************************