Shinagawa Takumi: Green Buddha - ホノルル美術館

絵師: Shinagawa Takumi

作品名: Green Buddha

日付: 1947

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情報源: ホノルル美術館
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Shinagawa’s primary concern has always been color. His rich chromatic prints, combined with a non-traditional use of materials, exemplify his unique style. As with the work of his mentor, Onchi Köshirö, Shinagawa’s style remains highly influential with modern print artists. This print, titled Green Buddha, demonstrates Shinagawa’s wonderful sense of color. The Buddha is depicted from an unusual angle and only in green, but in various hues and gradations, which makes this traditional motif appear quite modern and sensational. However, Shinagawa also maintained the sense of tranquility embodied in the original ancient religious sculpture. (from An Art Reborn Exhibition 10/2/2007-)