Hiratsuka Unichi: Saint Nichiren - ホノルル美術館

絵師: Hiratsuka Unichi

作品名: Saint Nichiren

日付: 1937

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情報源: ホノルル美術館
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画題等: Hiratsuka had the following to say about this print: Since our family followed the teachings of Nichiren (1222-1282), I studied about him when I was young and discovered that he was not only a great Buddhist priest but that he also favored farmers, merchants, and lower-class people. For a long time, I wished to make a print of Nichiren, and finally created this one in 1937. I intend to make ten thousand impressions of it, and if I cannot finish (my task) while I am alive, I will finish it in heaven. This print is an excellent example of Mingei art, which is simple, unaffected, and meant to be used in everyday life.

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