Hiratsuka Unichi: Portrait of James A. Michener - ホノルル美術館

絵師: Hiratsuka Unichi

作品名: Portrait of James A. Michener

日付: 1957

詳細: 詳細情報...

情報源: ホノルル美術館
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画題等: Hiratsuka Unichi trained under Ishii Hakutei (1882-1958), a well known Japanese oil painter. Later, he also learned the art of engraving from one of the noted engravers. Both his designs and engravings show distinguished talent. Unlike traditional ukiyo-e, produced by a designer (artist), carver, and printer as collaborative works, this was done by one artist. It depicts Michener’s somber profile, surrounded by four prints. One can sense Michener’s enthusiasm and earnestness toward ukiyo-e. The remarkable contrast between black and white is Hiratsuka's most outstanding characteristic.

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