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絵師: Bartlett Charles

作品名: The Golden Temple Amritsar

日付: Not set

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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画題等: Charles Bartlett’s The Golden Temple Amritsar This beautiful Charles W. Bartlett woodblock print is entitled " The Golden Temple Amritsar " it is signed, dated and gift inscribed on the lower margin. This print is listed as number 25 in the Bartlett catalogue, “A Printmaker in Paradise” by Miles and Saville. The image is 9 7/8 inches tall and 15 1/8 inches wide with full margins. The lower left corner contains Bartlett’s monogram CWB in a double rectangle along with the title in the block and the copyright stamp. The print is signed in ink and inscribed in pencil by the artist in the lower margin as follows, ”Charles W. Bartlett, New Years Greetings, To Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wall from Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett 1928.” The condition is very good with very small punctures in the monogram, lower left and upper right margin. There is also a curved abrasion or scratch about an inch long, just above the skyline between the temple and the tree on the right. The upper margin shows the remains of paper hinges. There are just hints of slight creases that are visible only upon very close examination. Now that I have disclosed all of the possible faults, I must state that this is an excellent example of Charles W. Bartlett’s woodblock art that he and his wife presented to their friends as a New Years Present over 75 years ago. A presentation inscription on Bartlett’s work is considered very rare.

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