Hakuho Hirano: Summer Rain, Beppu Hotspring — Natsusugata (Beppu) - Japanese Art Open Database

絵師: Hakuho Hirano

作品名: Summer Rain, Beppu Hotspring — Natsusugata (Beppu)

日付: 1936

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Artist: Hakuho Hirano 1879-1957 Signature: Hakuho Publisher: Watanabe - , 1931/1941 left and 6 mm seal right since 1918 Date: 1936 Size: 25,3 x 51,2 cm Format: - - Title: Natsusugata (Beppu) Woman in summer kimono at Beppu Hakuho has produced only five works (all are published in "The female image"), and this one is supposed to be the most exciting Impression: fine Colors: fine Condition: fine / very good Literature: Newland, Amy R. and S. Hamanaka, The female image - 20th century prints of Japanese beauties, Abe Publ. Ltd. And Hotei Publishing, Tokyo / Leiden, Japan / The Netherlands 2000, ISBN=90-74822-20-7, Reference: pg. 154, no. 212 in color


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