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絵師: Hiroshige 1 and Kunisada 1

作品名: Pink Hibiscus

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Saturday, 18 June 2005 Ten Flowers of the Edo Stage #1 Artist: Hiroshige I & Kunisada Format: Oban tate-e: 14.75" x 10" approx Subject: A magnificent collaboration between the two masters, the series is widely thought to be among their best joint works. Here the flower is Pink Hibiscus. The bust portraits of two Kabuki stars, one holding a festival lamp decoration the other an open makemono. Publisher: Ebisuya Shoshichi Date: 1840's Condition: Virtually full size with margins on left and at top edge. A small waterstain at left edge towards base. Minor creases, marks and flaws. Generally very good state of preservation. Colour: Fine colors. Impression: Superb 1st edition impression with gauffrage; printed on thick, creamy high quality paper. Like all prints from this publisher, printed with elaborate care.


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