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絵師: Ito Nisaburo

作品名: Two Iris

日付: Not set

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Monday, 23 May 2011 Title Iris provenance: Uchida Family Archives Artist Attributed to Nisaburo Ito 1910-1988 Signature "Hoitsu". Dated Ca. 1930 - 40s. Publisher Uchida. Medium/Technique Watercolor on paper. Colors Excellent - very good. Condition Very good ... (Original Painting) Slight foxing on the upper area. (Trial and Final prints) Slight soiling. Pencil notation by the artist. Description An original painting mounted in a greeting card , three proof prints on an uncut sheet of paper and the finished print. Blue irises after Sakai Hoitsu. The original painting is probably mounted in the woodblock greeting card as a mock trial on what the finished art work would look like. It is extremely rare to encounter a set of prints and painting like this in the market. They have been kept in the famous publisher in Kyoto, The Uchida, archives. Note Uchida Han is an important Japanese publishing company with branches in both Tokyo and Kyoto. Founded in 1919, the company is still in existence today as an active publisher of shin-hanga in addition to publishing re-strikes of Edo period ukiyo-e prints. Uchida family has been a major force in introducing and promoting mainly major Kyoto school shin hanga artist such as Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Asada Benji, Ito Nisaburo, Hasegawa Konobu (Sadanobu), Eiichi Kotozuka and many others. The Kyoto Shin Hanga School probably offers the best value for money when purchasing shin hanga prints. Width Item 2.4 inches = 6.0 cm Height Item 4.7 inches = 12.0 cm Width Mat 4.5 inches = 11.5 cm Height Mat 8.7 inches = 22.2 cm


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