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絵師: Kiyoshi Saito

作品名: Dog, Dachshund 2

日付: Not set

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Very nice and clean color woodcut that is hand signed in ink in the image by noted 20th century Japanese master print maker KIYOSHI SAITO (born 1907.) It is also annotated in the margin, lower right, in pencil "(C)." There is a nice variation in the printing of the colors (black and dark green) of the dark background that I think is visible in (the somewhat fuzzy) close up photo of the signature. Nicely framed. DIMENSIONS: Image is 10 1/8 x 15 1/8" and the frame size is 15 x 21." CONDITION: The frame and print are in excellent condition. There is one tiny spot of foxing in the upper right or the sheet right at the edge. The sheet is full and untrimmed. If I press on the frame back, the paper will ripple indicating the print is not laid down. I am assuming it is tacked at the corners. (It has not been out of the frame since being framed; paper is intact on the back)


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