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絵師: Kiyoshi Saito

作品名: child carrying a younger child

日付: Not set

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Kawano, Kaoru- child carrying a younger child- 3.jpg is: KIYOSHI SAITO WOOD BLOCK PRINT OF CHILDREN Saito (1907 - 1992) is a listed Japanese artist (he can be found in Davenport's) and this is a charming piece of his work. In this woodcut, Saito depicts two kids, one being carried on the other's back. The two are in Japanese attire and portrayed in bright, vivid colors. The background of the print is brown, which stands in contrast to the red, yellow, green, and orange in the clothing worn by the children. The print is photoed on its own but can be sent under plexiglass. The print is 17 &1/2" x 11 &1/2" with an image size of 14 &1/2" x 9&1/2". There are slight indents in paper on the upper left hand corner, but they do not extend to the image. Overall condition is excellent with no damage.