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絵師: Nakayama Tadashi

作品名: Girl with sunflower

日付: 1957

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Tadashi Nakayama Original Signed Color Woodblock Artist: Tadashi Nakayama (b. 1927) Title & Date: Girl Holding A Sunflower, 1957 Medium: Color Woodblock on Paper Size: Image is 15 x 23.875 inches; total size is 17.375 x 26 inches Condition: Overall excellent condition. Image is perfect with a very fine impression, outstanding color and absolutely no tears, fading or defects. When the woodblock was originally framed it was placed against a slightly larger paper backing which remains (see photos). There are two 1" pieces of mounting tape on the back of the paper backing (along the upper and right edges).


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