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絵師: Nakayama Tadashi

作品名: Unknown, child in wind

日付: 1956

詳細: 詳細情報...

情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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This is a beautiful woodblock print by listed Japanese artist Tadashi Nakayama. Tadashi Nakayama was born in 1927 and is one of the modern masters of color woodblock printing. He began making woodblocks in 1950. After his education in Tokyo he visited Europe where he lived in Milan, London and Bath, and taught at the Bath Academy of Arts in 1964-65. He returned to live in Tokyo in the 1980s. Nakayama has only made about 250 prints most in part due to his printing techniques that are laborious and difficult. This print features amazing metallic inks and crisp printing. "Windy" measures 11 1/4" wide by 9 1/2" high and is signed and dated in the lower left corner "1956 T. Nakayama". There is also a red chop signature verso. This print is in very good condition, with residual paper on the surface left from the previous matting.