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絵師: Seien Shima

作品名: The Departed Spirit of a Courtesan

日付: 1923

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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画題等: Shin Hanga: The Departed Spirit of a Courtesan Artist: Shima Seien Format: Dai Oban tate-e: 18" x 11.25" Subject: From the same set as the two previous lots, the work illustrated here, 'The Departed Spirit of a Courtesan', is, according to records in the Muller collection, one of twelve prints in an untitled series. As a whole, the series does not appear to have a unified theme, and Seien's impressionistic, almost surrealistic, rendition of the lost soul of a Courtesan is strikingly different from much of her painting. It reveals, nevertheless, her great stylistic debt to Tsunetomi, especially in the use of colors and the treatment of the facial features. Publisher: Hand-printed by Nishimura Kumakichi Date: c. 1923 Condition: Fine colors. Full size with large margins (not fully shown in scanned image). Some very light foxing. Minor marks and creases. Generally fine state of preservation. Impression: Fine impression with extensive gauffrage and strong woodgrain visible

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