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絵師: Shima

作品名: Young Woman and Small Bird

日付: 1960

詳細: 詳細情報...

情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Sunday, 25 July 2010 Tamami Shima (1937-) Note the 2nd Tamami signature in the image area. I have a print signed in this way too. This is a very nice portrait woodblock by listed Japanese artist Tamami Shima, it is pencil signed in the plate and on the bottom margin, it is also signed and or titled in Japanese in the lower left, it is dated 1960. It is in its original frame with a carved bamboo motif, it is matted in white. Size: The impressed area is 11 7/8" x 15 1/4" and with the mat and frame it is 18 3/4" x 25 7/8". Condition: Very good condition, some even toning, it is not laid down, I can tell at an angle I can see rippling in he paper.