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絵師: Shima Tamami — 島 珠実

作品名: Shooroo

日付: 1959

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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A Fine Japanese Sosaku-hanga Woodblock Print by Shima Tamami Dated 1959. This fine design of a stone path leading to a bell tower with bare trees in the foreground and a grey wooded hillside in the background, is no. 43 of a limited edition of 100. The design is entitled "Shooroo" in kanji at the lower left corner and the artists signature, similarly in pencil, on the right together with her red seal. Size; 24 x 17 3/8 ins. (61 x 44.2 cms). It is in excellent condition with no damage except for a small area of surface scuffing just below and to the right of the signature. The red trees are printed with red lacquer which gives an impasto effect with a slight rough texture.


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