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絵師: Shoson Ohara

作品名: Two Beauties in Rain

日付: 1910

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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画題等: Wednesday, 4 August 2010 Title "Two Beauties in Rain" (given name) Date ca1935 (First Edition). Provenance Consigned by a discriminating eastcoast USA collector. Series na Publisher Watanabe Shozaburo Seal, Carver/Printer Watanabe "D-seal" (used only 1931-41) + "6-mm shozuri" combination (First Edition). Image Size 9 3/8 x 14 1/8 Impression Very Fine. Superbly executed "bokashi" shading; "gauffraged" (embossed) lower willow leaves and lower kimono; baren "sujizuri" circles to foreground; highly detailed carving; very crisp "key-lines." Condition Excellent. Excellent colors. Clean front and verso. (Very slight wear.) No prior mounts. Reference/Illus "Crow, Cranes, and Camellias" pl. #S-44.4. Comments A gorgeous print--one of Koson's very few "bijin-ga" images. Two beauties strolling under umbrellas during an early summer shower. Quite a rare print--lack of later printings would indicate that "block-set" destroyed. Watanabe "D-seal" used only 1931-41. Item # MM-07

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