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絵師: Shotei Takahashi

作品名: C7- Moonrise at Tokumochi

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Friday, 18 November 2005 Title Temple in the Night - Tokumochi Provenance: Robert O. Muller Estate Artist Hiroaki Takahashi 1871-1945 Seal shotei Dated 1936 or earlier Publisher Watanabe Technique/Medium Woodblock print Impression excellent - very good Colors excellent - very good … dark colored wash applied on the print for the aged look Condition excellent - very good Description "Tokumochi" A small temple hangs on a top of a cliff. A person with a lantern is coming by the steep staircase leading to the temple. The dark sky is full of the stars and the full moon is coming up from the distant horizon. Note "Made in Japan" stamped on verso, provenance: Robert O Muller Collection), Watanabe 6mm round seal carved on lower right. Format Chuban Width 7.1 inches = 18.0 cm Height 10.2 inches = 26.0 cm


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