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絵師: Shotei Takahashi

作品名: Satta Mountain Pass Tunnel

日付: 1929

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Title Satta Mountain Pass Tunnel rare Artist Hiroaki Takahashi 1871-1945 Signature Hiroaki Seal shotei Dated 1929-32 Publisher Fusui Gabo Medium/Technique Woodblock print Impression excellent - very good Colors excellent - very good Condition very good … light toning, a horizontal printer's crease (1.5 inch long) on the middle of the right margin, a paper crack on the lower margin, the side margins slightly wavy, a needle size spot on the lower-middle right. Description "Satta Toge Tunnel". Majestic Mt. Fuji and the coastal line are seen from the end of the dark Satta Mountain Pass tunnel. Interesting composition. It is quite rare to have this design in an on-line auction. The design is included in the Muller collection of Smithsonian Sackler Gallery. Note To see the back of this print, please click on the image to the last enlargement. Format Oban yoko-e Width Item 15.4 inches = 39.0 cm Height Item 10.0 inches = 25.5 cm