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絵師: Shuho Yamakawa

作品名: Red Collar — 赤い襟

日付: 1928

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Yamakawa Shuho (1898-1944) Subject: Red Collar. Signature: Shuho. Artist's seal. Title and date: Akai eri Showa sannen nigatsu saku (Red collar) (February 1928). Size: Oban, 38,9 x 26 cm Publisher: Bijutsusha. Reference: Other examples are illustrated in Amy Riegle Stephens (editor). The New Wave: Twentieth-century Japanese prints from the Robert 0. Muller Collection. London, 1993, n. 226. Ota Memorial Museum. Meiji-Taisho Bijin Hanga Ten. Prints of Beauties from the Meiji Taisho era. Tokyo, 1993, n.91. Amy Newland and Hamanaka Shinji. The female image 20th century prints of Japanese beauties. Leiden, 2000, n.154. Remarks: The best and sought after print by this artist. Conditions: Fine impression, colour and condition.


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