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絵師: Taisui Inuzuka

作品名: Peonies in Vase

日付: 1929

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Peonies Date: July 1929 Format: Oban Publisher: Sakai and Kawaguchi Notes: Genuine 1929 artist's proof from the original first edition of only 300 prints, by the publisher Sakai and Kawaguchi. Artist's signature and seal at lower right. Title in lower margin centre. Date July 1929 in lower margin at right. Sakai and Kawaguchi publisher's seal bottom margin. Printer and carver seals lower left margin. Note attached to the frame of the print at left. It is interesting that the woodblocks were destroyed after the comletion of the first edition of 300 prints. This may explain the rarity of this scene (I've seen it only once in 5 years).


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