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絵師: Watanabe Seitei

作品名: Misty early morning under the rising sun

日付: Not set

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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画題等: Monday, 14 February 2011 Japanese Antique Hand Painted Hanging Scroll Sansui under the moon Watanabe Shotei (1851-1918) A well known Japanese artist, Watanabe Seitei is famous for his paintings and prints of birds and flowers (kacho-e). His designs combine calligraphic lines with delicate details and special attention to shading. His simple compositions are both dynamic and asymmetrical, and make good use of negative space. Material =Silk Condition =Good(stain) Roller Ends = Tusks of Elephant We recommend this original painting!! It comes in its original tomobako(signed storage box) which is signed & sealed by Shotei. Hanging Scroll = 210 x 55 cm <81.9 x 21.5inch> Art Work = 122 x 43 cm <47.6 x 16.8inch> Weight = 1150 g (packing material is not included)

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