Ikeno TAIGA: - Richard Kruml

絵師: Ikeno TAIGA

日付: 1867

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情報源: Richard Kruml
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An important shunga book Daito keigo. One volume complete with preface and nine double page illustrations. This actual copy is discussed by Jack Hillier, The Art of the Japanese Book, Sothebys, 1987, volume two, pages 908-909, and illustrations ( from this copy ) nos 606 and 607. The images are thought to be based on Ikeno Taiga’s original paintings. Wonderful broad, almost abstract images using what Jack Hillier called a “dragged brush line.” This actual copy offered here was the earliest that Hillier had traced ( dated 1814 ). Ex Biedermann collection. It was reissued in 1867 with text by Shibata Roshu. Original covers. Some minor marks, but surprisingly good condition. A sumi drawing inside front cover of a Dutchman with a fish. Biedermann seal. Status: Sold