Watanabe SEITEI: - Richard Kruml

絵師: Watanabe SEITEI

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情報源: Richard Kruml
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A complete set of 12 paintings showing birds and plants representing the months of the year. Seitei ( Shotei ) specialised in kachoga; was famous in this area, and regarded as the leading exponent. Technically brilliant. January shows a dove on a pine tree with pine cones. February depicts narcissus. March is represented by cherry blossom. April is a display of yamabuki, Japanese mountain rose, with bees. May shows a cuckoo with a falling ginkgo leaf. June is wisteria and a butterfly. July has a beetle climbing a leaf on an iris plant. August shows Japanese morning glory, Asagao. September has a grasshopper on an edamame ( soybean ) plant. October appears to be a wild chrysanthemum and beetle. November depicts what is probably a nuthatch climbing down a tree. And December is represented by a snipe. Each painting sumi and colour on silk. Image size 33.8 x 27.4 cms; 13.25 x 10.75 in. Each painting signed and sealed Seitei. Matching mounts. Slight staining on one or two paintings ( primarily July ) otherwise in very good condition. New box but retaining original lid with Seitei signature and seal and inscription Shiki no kacho, “Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons.” It is rare to find complete sets of such paintings which are usually conceived as handscrolls. Status: Available