Kotozuka Eiichi: Ikaruga in Autumn - 斑鳩晴秋 - Ohmi Gallery

絵師: Kotozuka Eiichi

作品名: Ikaruga in Autumn - 斑鳩晴秋

日付: 1950

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情報源: Ohmi Gallery
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This is an obviously rare (one of a kind) trial print of the corresponding watercolour base sketch (genga) that you can find elsewhere in my collection. Uchida's intention was to issue this scene as woodblock prints mounted to scrolls. In the end Uchida published this scene as double-oban-sized woodblock prints for framing (although they are also very rarely seen). Long thin horizontal or vertical colour streaks in the image are due to the scanner. This item is from my personal collection and is not for sale.


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