Ohnishi Yasuko: Agar-Agar Kiss (Kitten) - 天草のチユー太(仔ねこ) - Ohmi Gallery

絵師: Ohnishi Yasuko

作品名: Agar-Agar Kiss (Kitten) - 天草のチユー太(仔ねこ)

日付: 1980

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情報源: Ohmi Gallery
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Very early impression from a small edition (3rd of only 50 prints). This print was too large for my A3 scanner -- the actual print has full large margins. Chick here to search for more Yasuko Ohnishi prints on Japanese websites. Ohnishi's large format prints (as seen below) sell for between $700 and $1000 here in Japan (see here - select Japanese encoding in your browser).


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