Ikeda, Terukata: Noren (Beauty Under a Curtain) - のれん (暖簾) - Ohmi Gallery

絵師: Ikeda, Terukata

作品名: Noren (Beauty Under a Curtain) - のれん (暖簾)

日付: 1910

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情報源: Ohmi Gallery
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Noren, by Ikeda Terukata. Genuine woodblock print. Large size measures 18.9 x 13.0 inches. Later Showa era impression with Narazaki supervisor's seal, Ito Susumu carver's seal and Watanabe Yoshiaki printer's seal in left margin. Metallic pigments to kimono and highly detailed carving. This series was a limited edition printing of only 100 prints. Note: the artist Ikeda Shoen also published a similar scene.


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