Yamaguchi Sohei: Untitled actor print (1) - Ohmi Gallery

絵師: Yamaguchi Sohei

作品名: Untitled actor print (1)

日付: 1923

詳細と価格: 詳細情報...

情報源: Ohmi Gallery
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This fantastic series of prints was published in 1923 and consists of 18 prints by different artists illustrating the works of the famous playwright Chikamatsu Manzaemon. Chimatsu is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Shakespeare and his works are considered literary treasures in Japan. This print is from a series of 18 prints hand-printed by Nishimura Kumakichi in 1923. Notes: Illust: "The New Wave", pl. 138. Artist's seal at mid left. Block carver: Yamagishi Kazue. Printer: Nishimura Kumakichi. (1) This item is either untitled or the title is unknown.


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