Kiyotada IV: Oshimodoshi - Robyn Buntin of Honolulu

絵師: Kiyotada IV

作品名: Oshimodoshi

日付: Late Meiji,Early Taisho

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情報源: Robyn Buntin of Honolulu
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A dramatic kabuki print with bokashi shading from a series on Eighteen Master Plays of the Ichikawa Family Not actually a play unto itself, Oshi-Modoshi (Push and Return) describes the action of a number of Danjuro heroes against enemies on the hanamichi walkway. The hero and villain lock in stylized struggle, pushing ahead and falling back as the momentum of the encounter shifts dramatically back and forth. Typically the Oshi-Modoshi hero wears a set costume, wig and stylized makeup, regardless of the piece. Items 6249-6255 could be nicely grouped


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