Hirezaki Eiho: April, cherry blossoms — 四月 さくら - Japanese Art Open Database

絵師: Hirezaki Eiho

作品名: April, cherry blossoms — 四月 さくら

日付: 1924

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Artist: Hirezaki Eiho (1881-1968) Subject: A seated bijin. April, cherry blossoms. Series: Shin ukiyo-e bijin awase (New ukiyo-e beauties compared). Signature: Eiho hitsu. Artist seal. Date: 1924. Size: Large oban, 44,5x28,5 cm. Reference: Other examples are illustrated in Amy Newland e Hamanaka Shinji. The female image 20th century prints of Japanese beauties. Leiden 2000, no.126. Muneshige Narazaki (editor) Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in Western Collections. The Muller Collection. Tokyo, 1990, no.118. Remarks: This print is from a collaborative series by eleven artists, with twelve feminine portraits each associated with a month of the year. This prints stands as one of the best design in the set. Conditions: Fine impression with metallic pigments, fine colour and condition.


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