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絵師: Ohta Masamitsu

作品名: Nakamura Tokizo III as Shizuka Gozen

日付: 1954

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情報源: Japanese Art Open Database
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Friday, 23 September 2005 Shin Hanga: Leading Figures of the Modern Stage: #7 Artist: Ota Masamitsu Format: Dai oban tate-e: 17" x 11.25" Subject: From the series Gendai Butai Geika, #7; an unidentified actor in a bijin role, playing the hand-drum. #3 from the limited edition (the number watermarked at base). As issued with folder and text sheet. Date: 1955 Condition: Full size. Foxing, mainly to verso and bottom left corner in margin. Generally moderately good state of preservation. Colour: Very fine and fresh Impression: Superb with extensive gauffrage and silver mica


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